Standing in the gap for Israel News Reports

David Soakell at lectureAs many of my readers know, I’m constantly monitoring developments in Israel and reporting what impact that has on the world. In addition to reporting news not available through the general media, I try to glean the most important information available from a variety of areas including his many personal sources ~ Jews, Arabs & Christians ~ living in the Land of Israel. These Reports are intended to keep people informed on the most critical current events, so that they can be informed, equipped to act, and also pray about the current events in Israel and the Middle East.

In the days that the Church – and indeed the nation of Israel – are living in, I believe it is vital for the Church to be active, informed, and be intercessors for the nation of Israel in these end days.  However… although I have stood with the Jewish people in the Land of Israel since 1985 – one has to first understand what God’s heart is regarding this subject.   Many people will ask, “Why Israel?” Should we even be bothered about a tiny nation, thousands of miles away in the Middle East that appears to be nothing but a hotbed of trouble?  Should we be bothered about such a controversial subject? And without doubt… it is controversial.

Many Churches appear to distance themselves from this subject.  Many churches find it divisive, and some actually oppose Israel.  Sadly many are not aware of what the Word of God says about this.  However, with every area of ministry with Israel, we need balance, and I try hard to keep my work balanced.

Naturally, I support the Jewish people, and a Jewish homeland, but I also supports an outreach ministry to Palestinian refugees, and a ministry called ‘Shevet Achim’ – opening the doors of Israeli hospitals to the Arab’s dying children where Jewish Doctors treat Arab Palestinians.  I support and work with Holocaust survivors, victims of terror attacks and a variety of other projects.  But why is this?

Well, ultimately God is a God of love. When we consider that this God of love exists by His Spirit in us then we must understand that that love must infuse our lives and emanate out. That limitless love must at some stage, gradually begin to manifest through our limited love and out to others. We cannot be born again of the Spirit of God and not produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  We must also come to a place of not only living by the Spirit but also keeping in step with Him.

As Christians, we need to come to a place of surrender and allow our devotion to God to be a priority in our lives in order that Godliness, Christ-likeness and the fruit of the Holy Spirit is channelled into, through, and out of our lives.  This is why I’ll often state in my reports that the reports are not written to stir up hatred or ill feelings against the Arab people.  If that is all he succeeds in doing, then he has failed. To deal correctly with these difficult issues, we must always examine our own heart and let compassion be our motive.

Soakel on the watchtowerThe information given is solely that we might be equipped to understand today’s situations in Israel better. This is paramount.  After all, without love, we are nothing more than a “clanging bell” (1 Corinthians 13).”  Yet in the midst of that, we also need to stand firm on the Biblical mandate that God is the One who has, and is working through the nation of Israel.  Let Truth be seen, let Truth be told, but let love be evident to all as well.

Although I also write for the organisation I work for – Christian Friends of Israel – this blog site is my own personal site and completely independent of CFI.

As we continue to stand in the gap for Israel, my prayer is that you would keep one eye in the Scriptures and one eye on the news coming out of Israel. This is hopefully a sure way of being able to climb your ‘watchtower’ and intercede as we are called to do, for Israel – the nation and people.


About David Soakell

Believer in Yeshua (Jesus). In full time ministry work. Passionate about Israel, and publishes a weekly Middle East News Report.
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