Standing in the gap for Israel Report 05/14

bible2The Word:

Whenever Moshe entered the tent, the column of cloud would descend and station itself at the entrance to the tent; and Adonai would speak with Moshe. When all the people saw the column of cloud stationed at the entrance to the tent, they would get up and prostrate themselves, each man at his tent door. Adonai would speak to Moshe face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. (Exodus 33:9-11)

For to me, life is the Messiah, and death is gain. But if by living on in the body I can do fruitful work, then I don’t know which to choose. I am caught in a dilemma: my desire is to go off and be with the Messiah — that is better by far — but because of you, the greater need is to stay on in the body. Yes, I am convinced of this; so I know I will stay on with you in order to help you progress in the faith and have joy in it.  (Philippians 1: 21-25)

israel flagmovingPointers for prayer: This week I would like us to start by giving thanks to the Lord for the wonderful gift He blessed us with in Lance Lambert. We would like to express our sadness on behalf of all who are involved in Israeli ministries at the recent home calling of Lance Lambert. Do uphold in your prayers those of his family and friends.

israel flagmovingIt is time for you who love Me, who are faithful to Me, to take action! Stand before Me and plead The Finished Work of My Son. At least cry out to Me, that there will be those who turn from darkness, from sin, and be saved. For whosoever shall call upon My Name in the midst of these judgements, I will save! It will cost you everything to stand in the gap, but you will enter into My heart, and know deep fellowship with Me. Such travail conceived in your heart by My Spirit will cost you deeply, but it will end in My Throne and Glory.” (Lance Lambert August 2011).

israel flagmovingLance Lambert once wrote “There rests upon every true child of God a responsibility not only to stand with Israel and the Jewish people, but to love them from a pure heart. Love such as this will lead to the kind of prayer that only the Holy Spirit can give. It will lead to important and travailing prayer.” Praise God that He is always true to His Word (Isaiah 46:3-4), that He will never forsake Israel. Pray for encouragement, strength and perseverance for the Israeli people in the face of constant physical and spiritual opposition.

israel flagmovingAs Israel continues to bring much relief in Nepal, thank God for the Israel Defence Force (IDF). Do continue to uphold this whole situation before the Lord in your intercession.

Standing in His Glory

11013260_376656159196844_7340542670521854185_nIn the above letter of Paul to the Messianic Believers in Philippi, Paul (Saul) sums up his desire to be literally “with the Messiah.”  In the same way that Moses had an intimate relationship where The Lord would speak face to face with him as man speaks with his friend (Exodus 33:11) I believe this is the heart’s cry of every believer!  Ever since the day I got saved – or Born-again – I’ve had a desire to see Y’shua face to face, and one day, we will see Him. Now don’t get me wrong, I love life and I love this awesome world that God created.  I love spring time when the apple and cherry blossom appear on trees; I love the summer when one can walk barefoot through the water on our seashore; I love kicking the leaves during autumns fall, and I love the sound of snow crunching underfoot on a cold winter’s day.  I love the beauty of the Yorkshire moors on my doorstep and the Cumbrian Lake District where mountain tops await my boots.  There are so many countries like the South of France, Israel, Austria, The Greek Isles and the Scottish highlands that I’ve had the privilege to spend time in.  Yet these are only small glimpses into the sights of Heaven were we can look forward to seeing long gone loved ones and the saints of old.  But more than that, the heart longs to see the One who climbed Calvary and took my sins upon Himself.  Oh the wonder of seeing Y’shua (Jesus) – the single greatest sight in glory.

I guess that was the problem Paul faced as he wrote his letter to the early church. He’d reached a point in his life when he just wanted to go and be with the Lord. I guess he was tired of the trials and longed for that city of rest where he could be with his Lord whom he loved so dearly. After all, he was in prison as his letter is being written. I think Paul suffered from the same mixed emotions that many Believers feel in our day and time – indeed, he was ready for Heaven, but very much needed on Earth.  In many ways, this is how I felt about the last couple of years of the dear man of God that I called ‘the senior statesman of Israel’ – one of my favourite teachers of the Word – Lance Lambert.  It was with deep sadness in my heart that I learnt last Sunday that the world renowned Bible teacher Lance Lambert had passed away in Jerusalem. He was 84.  In June, along with many other people, I will be one of the speakers at the 30th anniversary of Christian Friends of Israel in Jerusalem.  We had hoped that Lance would also have been joining us.  Alas, what is our great loss is Heaven’s gain.

Lance Lambert happyNeedless to say, many wonderful tributes (which you can read in full by clicking on the links online) have been written.  CFI-UK’s Chief Executive Jacob Vince wrote, “I would like to express our sadness on behalf of CFI UK at the recent home calling of Lance Lambert.  Lance was an early advisor, along with the late Colonel Orde Dobbie, over the period when CFI was formed thirty years ago in late 1985, with Derek White as UK founder-director and Ray and Sharon Sanders as CFI Jerusalem founder-directors. Lance conducted Prayer and Bible weeks in Israel, regularly spoke at the CFI Jerusalem and UK annual conference. He is author of several books, many with incorporating the theme of Israel.  He had a great appreciation for the Scriptures in their completeness as the whole counsel of God, was as much orator as Bible teacher and inspirational in leading Intercessory prayer, having a fuller understanding of Israel as God’s servant nation and the Church as the bride of Christ, responding to the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We offer our condolences to Lance’s sister Teresa, brother-in-law Achim and niece Sophia in their loss, as well as those closely involved with Lance’s household, remembering them in our prayers. Lance’s Holy Spirit inspired, Biblical teaching will endure in our hearts as we seek to follow and serve Christ Jesus, mindful of all who have gone before.”

Derek-Lance-Sharon-RayFor Christian Friends of Israel in Jerusalem, Lance Lambert was a guiding light since the first day we were formed in December, 1985. On the CFI Jerusalem website the Directors write, “For thirty years he carved out quality time to meet with our leaders and there were not a few times in which we met on a regular basis. Lance (and Derek Prince) were the key Advisors to CFI until their passing on to be with the Lord. With us, we were not just another ministry to add to his schedule, we were always welcome in his home. His advice and counsel during our early days was such a blessing from the Lord.”  The tribute later states, “Countless people around the world have been his students for years. We shared many moments of laughter with the witty sense of humour which he carried and even sad times – he truly was there during the highs and lows of all of us at CFI. At his upcoming memorial service in Jerusalem, I am certain that the size of the gathering will be a testament to how much we all loved Lance.”  You can read the full tribute here.

My dear friend David Dolan was also a very close friend of Lance Lambert and I had to smile at reading David’s tribute as he states, Lance has been “upgraded” to be with the Lord.  What an upgrade indeed!  David Dolan writes, “Lance’s fine life was not at all lived out in secret, but was publicly shared for many decades with untold thousands of people around the world who were blessed and enriched by his wisdom, biblical insights, sharp wit and equally sharp mind, eloquence, and many other positive things.” You can read David’s full tribute on his webpage here.    I remember a few years ago in 2010 when our son Matthew had the chance to listen to Lance Lambert at one of our conferences that I encouraged him to treasure what he heard, as I knew then that this would be one of the last chances we would have of drinking in his inspiring teaching.  Following severe health battles in Greece late last year, Lance was again hospitalised last month in Jerusalem, Israel, where he passed away peacefully Sunday afternoon May 10, 2015.  In my opinion, Lance was one of the great prophetic voices of our time.

Born in 1931, He grew up in Richmond, Surrey and he became a Believer in the Lord at the young age of twelve years old.  In the early 1950’s he served in the Royal Air Force in Egypt and later founded Halford House Christian Fellowship in Richmond, England.  Being born of Jewish ancestry (his father and many members of his family died in the Holocaust), Lance became an Israeli citizen in 1980 and for many years live in Jerusalem.  On top of many other gifting’s, Lance produced a world-wide quarterly audio recording called the Middle East Update, and wrote numerous books including my favourite –‘The Uniqueness of Israel’, and of course went on to work closely with Hugh Kitson presenting DVD video productions including ‘Jerusalem, the Covenant City.’   As the tributes keep rolling in from those mentioned, along with many more from Chuck Cohen (Intercessors for Israel) and Barry & Batya Segal, I would like to finish this section with one more from Lance’s niece, Sophia, who thanks all who have been praying for her Uncle Lance.  You can read Sophia’s words here: .   Mourning is of course a natural thing to do and for those of us who have loved and known Lance throughout the years, we will of course miss him and mourn his departure.  And yet at the same time, we can also praise God that we actually had the privilege to come under his teaching, and for many who are involved in the ministry with Israel – to be his friend.  Without doubt, Lance will now have heard the sweet words of the Lord God – “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

Israel continue their help in Nepal.

11119654_374256119436848_4893732005398273654_nOnce again Nepal has been rocked by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake near Mount Everest, causing further widespread panic and casualties just over two weeks after the first devastating one killed more than 8,000 people, injured 18,000 and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. The US Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 7.3 and struck 42 miles (68km) west of the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Mount Everest. It was followed closely by at least six strong aftershocks. Shockwaves were felt as far away as the Indian capital, Delhi, and Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.  In the Nepali parliament, politicians were forced to flee as the chamber began to shake.  The full extent of casualties is unknown, with reports of collapsed buildings and some deaths coming in from remote areas close to the epicentre, however the IDF (Israel Defence Force) continue in their brave work to bring relief.

Israel provides aid and humanitarian relief not only here in Nepal, but have done throughout the world. Ahead of almost all nations, to deal with the devastation of earthquakes like in Nepal and hurricanes that destroyed parts of Haiti, Israel sent scores of doctors and other professionals.  Years of dealing with terrorist attacks combined with an advanced medical technology sector have made Israel one of the most efficient countries in disaster relief.  By contrast, the absence of rich and powerful Persian Gulf nations in the relief effort has been glaringly conspicuous.  The technology that Israel has utilised in countries such as Nepal and Haiti is far beyond almost all nations who have sent aid.  Israel is indeed a blessing to the world. Here are a few more YouTube clips that the IDF have put out.

Click here and here.

Israel is one of the smallest nations on earth, but its contributions to humanity are astonishing.

With a good section of Ezekiel 37 already being fulfilled in our day and Israel being back in the Land promised to them by God, we can stand in amazement as the Jewish nation blesses the world in many different ways. Some examples we probably all know are: Israel’s unending contributions to the world of high tech provide innovations from which we all benefit daily; Israel’s endless scientific and medical innovations are saving lives worldwide; Israel is a haven for African refugees, Syrians injured in their bloody civil war, and even injured Palestinians threatened or injured by their own leadership; Israel provides its renowned agricultural advances to developing nations, creating sustenance, profit, and independence to nations trying to become self-sufficient.  In essence, if one is to look back to the Holocaust and what has happened to Israel since, it’s as if they have been resurrected!  All that is needed now is a mighty move of the Holy Spirit to open up the hearts of Israelis to the Father heart of God.  Speaking of which, this link is well worth watching: This is Lee Stoneking addressing the United Nations General Assembly – a must watch!

‘Freedom Flotilla III’ sets sail for Gaza

Well here we go again… Once more, various ships are taking part in what they call ‘Freedom Flotillas’ on Monday to set sail from Gothenburg, Sweden, for a voyage of nearly 5,000 nautical miles to the ‘blockaded Gaza Strip’. The trawler Marianne was jointly acquired by “Ship to Gaza Sweden” and “Ship to Gaza Norway” and will be joined by other ships en route.  Together, the ships will form the third flotilla to head to Gaza with the aim of “a peaceful, nonviolent action to break what they believe is an ‘illegal and inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip by Israel”.  The last time this took place, people were killed as things got badly out of hand, and yet it was just a political anti-Israel attack as weapons were found on board, along with out of date drugs and little else.

In what I believe to be a politically motivated attempt to villainise Israel once again, I feel it is a shame that these people don’t instead attempt to help those who truly need help.  With Italy struggling to contain the thousands of Syrians and Libyans escaping the terrifying stranglehold of Islamic State terrorists in their country, others have fled poverty, violence or religious oppression in Somalia, Eritrea, the Sudan, Nigeria, the Gambia, and Ethiopia.  Yet these desperate souls all have something in common. They have reached parts of Italy by paying huge sums to people smuggling gangs for a place on an overcrowded boat from a Libyan port.  These Muslims are literally fleeing for their lives from Islamic groups such as ISIS with the intent on wiping them out, while the ‘Freedom
10526188_269588559899565_6974897044670707150_nFlotillas’ head towards Gaza playing a dangerous ‘blame game’ and trying to state that Israel are to blame for Gaza’s problems, instead of challenging the Hamas and Palestinian leaders for allowing their own people to suffer.   Meanwhile, an Iranian cargo ship filled with humanitarian supplies for Yemen is sailing in the international waters south of Iran to deliver the consignment of food and medicine to the war-torn people of Yemen, who are under a siege imposed by a Saudi-led coalition.  There are 60 people on board the ship, including 15 medical staff, 13 journalists and 7 peace activists from the US and Europe.  The vessel set sail from Iran’s southern port city of Bandar Abbas, and is destined for Yemen’s western port of Hodeida through the Sea of Oman, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden, the Bab-el-Mandeb strait and the Red Sea. The ship’s journey comes after Yemen agreed to a five-day truce proposed by Saudi Arabia, beginning Tuesday.

Finally…  Disgusting Exploitation of a Disabled Palestinian Child

Palastinain child in Israeli hospitalThe Honest Reporting team along with Israel National News have exposed the despicable exploits of a Palestinian Arab blogger and “award-winning journalist” who has now been caught cynically using a picture of a severely disabled Palestinian child for propaganda purposes, falsely claiming his limbs were blown off by the Israeli military during last summer’s conflict with Gaza.

Mohammed Omer – who started the Rafah Today blog and has written for numerous major news outlets including Al Jazeera, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the New Statesman and others, received the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in 2008. This prize is allegedly granted to journalists who “tell an unpalatable truth, img584831validated by powerful facts.”  Really?  In the Associated Press Picture, the limbless child sits in front of a colourful mural in Israel’s Tel Hashomer Hospital, which has now become his home.  The little boy -Mohammed al-Farra – was born in Gaza with a rare genetic disease. His hands and feet had to be amputated to save his life and he required extensive medical care.  This care is not available in Gaza – even though millions of dollars are pumped into Gaza every year.  So he was taken to a hospital in Israel.  He is not the only Palestinian from Gaza being treated in an Israeli hospital. It’s just another one of those humanitarian acts undertaken by Israel that gets little if any press.  After being treated, his Gazan parents refused to take him back. And neither the Hamas government in Gaza or the Palestinian Authority would pay for more medical care.  So his Israeli doctors raised the funds themselves to allow him to stay at Tel Hashomer. Read more on this here.

David Soakell

(Middle East News Report Correspondent)

Sources: Unless stated, personal sources throughout Israel, Christian Friends of Israel UK & Jerusalem, Israeli Embassy London, The Jerusalem Post, & Israel National Radio


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