Is one man’s terrorist really another man’s freedom fighter?


Mosul, a city in northern Iraq, has been under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) since June 2014.  The Battle of Mosul, a military offensive to retake the city that began in October 2016, is the largest deployment of Iraqi forces since the 2003 invasion by U.S. and coalition forces.

Located 250 miles north of Baghdad, the city stands on the west bank of the Tigris, opposite the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh – mentioned in the Bible.  As you may have seen in media reports, this week tens of thousands of civilians are fleeing Mosul as government security forces continue their military offensive to reclaim the city from Isis. 


Along with Iraq, more genocide has been going on for years and years in most of the Islamic Middle East in general and Syria in particular. Islamic group ISIS have killed multitudes of Christian and other minorities; and in Syria, Shia Muslims join Alawite Muslims to exterminate Sunni Muslims – basically Muslims killing Muslims. This is the classic definition of genocide where an ethnic group is target for annihilation. 

As you know, this week, five people were killed and at least 40 – some seriously – were injured in Westminster, London, after an Islamic terrorist ploughed a car into crowds outside the Houses of Parliament and then stabbed a police officer in a major terror attack.


Israel of course has seen hundreds and hundreds of Islamic Palestinian terrorists killing Jewish Israeli civilians; France has also seen Islamic terrorist attacks in these past few years.  Yet in the wake of the Paris and Nice attacks people immediately stated, “These terrorist attacks have nothing to do with Islam.”  Many of us rightly feel distress and moral outrage at the attack in London this week, leaving innocent people dead, and others with horrific injuries. That feeling is only human. Such deaths and injuries, much magnified, occur more or less daily in, for example, Israel, Syria, Yemen and Iraq – yet receive proportionately far less distress and outrage from us.  Why?  And why aren’t these terrorists true Muslims?  This needs to stop.  These good intentions towards Muslims are only making the problem worse.

Yes there are thousands and thousands in innocent Muslims that hate these terrorist acts… but to say this has nothing to do with Islam is simply sickening and wrong. 

Today, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May stated, “Regarding the London attack, we will never waver.”  But what will ‘we never waver from?  Islamic Terrorist attacks?  Or Islamic Freedom Fighter attacks?  After all, both Hamas and Abbas’ Palestinian Authority both call their terrorist attacks on innocent Israeli civilians as ‘acts of freedom fighters’! 

Today, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has claimed that Martin McGuinness was “not a terrorist” but a “freedom fighter”.  Former terrorist Adams was speaking at the graveside following the funeral of Mr McGuinness, a former IRA leader turned politician.  Earlier, thousands of mourners heard ex-US President Bill Clinton say the people of Northern Ireland must finish the work he started.

So, if Martin McGuinness and even Gerry Adams were not terrorists, but freedom fighters… what of Isis?  What of Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, the Paris murderers, and this week’s London murderer?  We can’t have it both ways!   To say that they are NOT terrorists is so wrong.  Equally, so say that Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with Islam and the teaching of Mohammad, are again so wrong.  Let’s get real and stop walking on egg-shells where Islam terrorists are concerned.

David Soakell.

(Middle East News Correspondent)

Sources: Unless stated, personal sources throughout the Middle East, ITV News, BBC News, & Israel National Radio



About David Soakell

Believer in Yeshua (Jesus). In full time ministry work. Passionate about Israel, and publishes a weekly Middle East News Report.
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