Standing in the gap for Israel report 09/28

~ September 28, 2017 ~ (Tishrei 8, 5778)  

Please note: The Standing in the gap for Israel report will no longer be produced here.  Below is an extract from my Watching over Zion report which is written for Christian Friends of Israel on a fortnightly basis.

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Is this the true face of Labour?

[Above photos taken from Google]

According to an article by Jason Groves, Daniel Martin and John Stevens for the Daily Mail (27 September 2017), the UK Labour party is getting nastier and nastier as Jeremy Corbyn came under fire following more allegations of anti-Semitism.  And there were further vile slurs on the conference floor in Brighton this week.  The Daily Mail reported, “The city council’s Labour leader even warned the party would not be allowed back unless Mr Corbyn halted the anti-Semitic abuse that has hit this week’s gathering. The equality watchdog also intervened, telling Labour to do more to prove it was not a racist party. It called on Mr Corbyn to ‘root out’ anti-Semitism.”  Deputy leader Tom Watson pledged an investigation into how anti-Semites had been allowed to address the conference fringe and question whether the Holocaust had actually taken place. He described their claims as ‘disgusting’.  In an attempt to hit back, Mr Corbyn tried to round on interviewers, saying anti-Semitism was completely at odds with Labour’s values. ‘This is not a nasty party,’ he insisted.  However, many of the fringe speakers did raise issues of great concern.  When one considers there is a ‘Labour Friends of Israel group’, should they not be greatly concerned by the fact that a call to expel Jewish activists from Labour was greeted with cheers at a packed fringe meeting at the party’s conference in Brighton?  Members of the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel were targeted at the meeting this week, held by the ‘Free Speech on Israel’ group, and chaired by leading anti-Zionist Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi.  Wimborne-Idrissi, who won a standing ovation on Monday morning when, speaking in the international debate, she told Conference: “There is no problem with Jews in the Labour Party” Really? Wimborne-Idrissi’s speech was the most obnoxious, anti-Israeli propaganda I have listened to of late. It dresses up lies as truth; hatred as love, and sells this arrogant BDS drivel to a new level.  Her ignorance regarding how much Israel has blessed the world is amazing.  Her ignorance regarding Gaza and Hamas is outstanding. And sadly, the ignorance of those applauding her is equally outstanding.  Should you really want to you can watch and listen to Wimborne-Idrissi here:

One person on Social Media stated after watching her rant, “Many of you will be aware of Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and her rampant hate of all things Jewish state. From standing on a stage with Hezbollah flags to accusing Israel of ‘exploiting’ the Holocaust, this is a highly unsavoury person. Well, guess what? Here she is at Labour Conference now claiming ‘this party does not have a problem with Jews’ which is greeted with huge applause!”  Another person on Social Media stated, “I was at CFI UK’s national conference this past weekend and listened to Andrew Tucker speaking, who is a lawyer and has worked in the EU & UN establishments. He would absolutely destroy the lies this woman [Wimborne-Idrissi] just spewed. And what’s worse is the masses just take this drivel on board and applaud it and won’t ever research the history for themselves. Naomi probably denies that there was ever a Jewish Temple Mount too!”  There have been many scathing comments on Social Media regarding the Labour Party’s anti-Zionist issues; however I’m unable to put them in print here.

Another keynote speaker at a fringe meeting was Miko Peled, a Jerusalem-born anti-Israeli who now lives in America. At the Labour conference Peled was sporting a large pink Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions badge, and he refused to call Israel “Israel”, but rather “Palestine”.  Peled made a series of claims about the spending power of “the Zionists”, including a suggestion that “every person standing for city council in America gets a five star trip to Israel, all expenses paid”. “Billions” had been invested in a campaign to “silence the Palestinian voice”, he said.  He repeatedly called Israel an “apartheid” state, and stated that the Jewish state was “a racist and colonialist project”.

It’s a shame this next Palestinian Arab wasn’t allowed to speak at the Labour Conference.  Please keep watching this next video, as the key speaker stuns the United Nations.  Watch as U.N. heads turn in disbelief as PLO lies are exposed by a Palestinian Arab and former Hamas member.  Palestinian delegates look in shock, as UN Watch brings their surprise guest speaker -Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef—to expose PLO propaganda:

David Soakell

(Middle East Correspondent)

Sources: Unless stated, personal sources throughout Israel, The Jerusalem Post,


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