Boycott Israel if you wish… but please do it properly!

The latest group of people that are wanting to boycott Israel are the Scottish Green Party, who have called for an economic boycott of ‘racist apartheid’ state of Israel.

In truth, I actually don’t care about anyone boycotting Israel. If that’s what they feel so strongly about.  And I’m sure Israel must be quaking in their boots [NOT] with fear regarding this latest nonsense.

BDFB1663-93A7-4CA8-96C3FDCBF1C36326But what really grinds my gears is that no one has the guts to do it properly. They are all hypocrites. So if the Scottish Green Party want to join all the other groups who are misinformed and want to boycott all products and services from Israel – then good… get on with it… BUT DO IT PROPERLY!
None of this nonsense of simply not just buying Jaffa oranges or not shopping at certain retail stores… Here is a shortened list of activities that you will need to perform in order to comply with this boycott.

Technology: Remove all Intel Pentium and Celeron computer processor chips from computers (desktops, laptops and notebooks) as these were either developed or manufactured in Israel. All current Microsoft operating systems are not to be used as Microsoft is heavily reliant on its Israel R&D centre. Any computers that still work need to have their anti-virus software and personal firewalls removed as this technology originated in Israel. Do not open external emails as most of these will be infected with viruses. No outgoing emails can be sent. The algorithm (code) that’s used today for sending e-mails, was made by an Israeli who worked at the Ben-Gurion University in Be’er-Sheva in 1980.

5ceda466aadbYou need to discard all mobile phones, as this technology was developed in Israel, where the first mobile phones were manufactured. Mobile chip technology from a single Israeli company has now been installed in over 100 million devices. SMS (Texting) is forbidden as this facility was developed in Israel. No 4G devices can be used, as the chipset is Israeli. Voice-mail services have to go and any recorded messages need deleting as Israeli companies invented the voice-mail system.

Before accepting any printed material, check that the supplier has not used the Israeli device that might have saved up to 50% of the ink used. Of course, you can’t use Facebook as you’ll not have a cell phone or computer, but even if you could use Facebook, please note that many in-built and add-on applications are Israeli-developed. Do not watch videos on the Internet as the platform used to upload them may be from AOL and hence from an Israeli company. Don’t use the Internet search engines as this may involve use of an Israeli-developed search engine.

Forget home entertainment and don’t use ‘On Demand’ – Israeli software (plus many games devices use Israeli technology). Forget about using an e-book as this may contain Israeli technology. Do not use data storage as it may have been developed at Israel’s storage technology R&D centre.

made-in-israel-headerFood and drink is a massive problem – not just oranges, but cherry tomatoes; honey (Israel has developed solutions to the worldwide problem of bee-colony collapse, so that any products derived from bees might only be available now due to an Israeli invention); Avoid drinking any of the world-recognized award-winning Israeli wines; Do not consume homemade drinks from Israeli-manufactured household drinks machines… the list goes on and on (and remember this is a shorter version).

No agricultural products from the following areas must be consumed as they use water irrigation and agricultural technology provided directly from Israel. This includes most of Africa, China, India, Indonesia (a Muslim country), Nepal and many others. Fruit and vegetables (including organic) imported into the UK have been enhanced using Israeli technology. This may save millions of people from starving around the world, but is not a good reason for you to eat it.

MadeinIsrael-breastDestroy all personal medication. Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest generic drugs company in the world, will have manufactured many of your medicines. Anyone with the following illnesses will need to take specific precautions. Cancer – do not take any form of medication or treatment. Israeli scientists have been working at the forefront of oncology for decades. AIDS and HIV – beware; researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute or Hebrew University developed or improved AZT and Hypericin-based drugs; they have also developed a treatment that destroys HIV-infected cells without damaging healthy ones. Diabetes – do not measure or inject Insulin using the devices developed by Israeli scientists. Multiple Sclerosis – stop taking Copaxone, one of the most efficient medicines and the only non-interferon agent, as Teva in Israel developed it. Don’t touch Laquinimod either. Parkinson’s – remove the Israel-pioneered brain pacemaker to stop tremors. Discontinue Levodopa, which reduces motor disturbances. Cease sessions that involve magnetic cortex stimulation. Heart problems – do not use the Israeli device for early detection of these. Epileptics – stop treatment that may have benefited from the Israeli discovery of the underlying mutant gene; also throw away the bracelet that sends out an alert when a person goes into seizure. Age-related Macular Degeneration – remove Israeli implants that arrest the disease. Liver disease – abandon Israeli-developed antibody immunotherapy treatments. Emphysema – steer clear of the Israeli protein replacement therapy. Myeloma – stop taking the drug Velcade, which was developed over a period of 30 years by scientists at Haifa, Israel. Sleep apnea – no tests using the 1530517_763980553613767_1973954922_nbreakthrough Israeli device for diagnosis. Dyslexics must not benefit from the Israeli Internet-based reading system. Any incident of stroke or head trauma or onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, glaucoma or brain tumour must avoid using any of the Weizmann Institute’s patented methods of treatment. If fact, just keep away from hospitals as many Israeli produced systems are used here. Ensure any colonoscopy or gastro investigation does not use internal Israeli cameras such as the Pillcam. Never undergo surgery to install an artificial heart, as the first artificial heart transplant took place in Israel.

Check all vaccines as many of these have been developed in Israel. Ensure that all X-rays do carry a radiation risk, as the only radiation-free system is Israeli. Treatments derived from Stem Cell research must be avoided as most of these are Israeli-developed. Do not protect babies and infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome with the Babysense system from Israel (Ghana has been receiving technological aid from Israel since 2006; Israel is now providing neonatal units to save many of the 4,800 babies that die each year). And reject all major dental treatment, as your teeth may need to be scanned with an Israeli-developed dental scanner.

45965_180560748806387_1718531018_nAvoid going to any football matches featuring teams with Israeli players, and destroy all your recordings of Madonna, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Deep Purple, Bon Jovie, Justin Bieber, George Benson, Moby and many, many more artists who have ridiculed the illogical boycott and have proudly performed in concerts in Israel. Destroy any recordings of U2, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Beck, Rihanna, Coldplay and any artist whose music has been recorded using the sound technology of the Grammy Award winning Israeli company Wave Audio.

Do not have anything to do with the banks who are using Israeli software to prevent fraud. Do not use any credit or debit card as the Security monitoring system used by the credit card companies is likely to be Israeli. Keep away from diamonds as it is possible that these may have been cut in Israel.
Also… you need to leave all your taps running when you leave home and must never flush your toilet, because Israel provides water-saving technology to over half of the planet. It also is providing sewage treatment technology across the world, including to the UK. So… if you are really serious about boycott Israeli products… forget it – otherwise your life might as well be flushed down the toilet.

Like I said, this is just a reduced list… I could go on, but let’s watch what else Israel do:


Basically, forget about your hypocritical boycotting of Israel and get a life! Le Chaim!

Oh… and by the way… your leader?