From Jerusalem to America to the UK

This page is where you can find radio interviews that I have done for American radio, and for Branch FM Radio in the UK.  There is also video of my talk in Jerusalem, Israel, at the Christian Friends of Israel 30th anniversary conference of which I was one of the speakers, along with other teaching sessions which I’ll upload from time to time.  I hope you enjoy the insights.



Below is my May/June Radio interview on Branch FM (click on link below picture).


Click here to watch me speaking on UNESCO’s attempt to erase Jewish history in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel:

israel flagmoving 

Click here to listen to my talk from Israel:


Click here to listen to a recent talk I did from New Life Church in Billingham, North England.  The subject I’d been given was ‘Israel – God’s time clock’:


To listen to the March 2017 interview on Branch FM, click on the link below:

Branch FM Radio – March 2017

From speaking to writing reports to leading worship…. 

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Live interview on American radio.

radio x

During my recent work in Israel I had the opportunity to meet up with Journalist Cheryl Hancock who took the time to interview me – to be aired on USA Christian radio stations.  The interview can be heard below:  In it I speak on the work of CFI and why I was in Israel.


The monthly one-hour talk show on Branch FM Radio in Dewsbury, UK:

This is on a Christian Radio station in Dewsbury.  That in itself is a massive breakthrough, as Dewsbury have Sharia law, a very high Islamic population, and the largest Islamic university in Europe.  Yet in the middle of the town is this Christian Radio Station, which is connected to a large Church there.  The radio station invites me every month or so to do a pre-recorded show.  The recordings from the last show in 2014 can be accessed at

Obviously, when the programme goes out on the radio and internet, there is music in-between each section, but the subjects I’ve covered so far have been very challenging to the listener. The show goes out at different times over a few weeks, so hopefully we are getting plenty of coverage.  And the feedback has been encouraging.

David Soakell December 2014 on Branch FM Radio


Here are the three July 2015 editions:

Here are the some of the 2016 editions:


David & Matthew Soakell on Branch FM Radio


David Soakell April 2016 Edition of Branch FM Radio


David Soakell June 2016 Edition of Branch FM Radio


David Soakell October 2016 Edition of Branch FM

CFI’s David Soakell was back on Branch FM Radio (November/December). If you missed the programme, you can listen to it here.



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