Standing in the gap for Israel

Standing in the gap for Israel:

This blog site is primarily for followers of the Christian faith and its purpose is done in the hope this will activate your spirit and enable you to intercede for Israel (Israel means the Jewish people, both inside the nation and in the Diaspora throughout the world. It also means the modern nation of Israel, which includes both Jews and Arabs, all precious to God).

The author is a Believer and follower of Yeshua (Jesus).  Although he works in full time ministry with Christian Friends of Israel (CFI), this blog site is his own personal site and completely independent of CFI.

David Soakell is constantly monitoring developments in Israel and reporting what impact that has on the world. In addition to reporting news not available through the general media, he tries to glean the most important information available from a variety of areas including his many personal sources ~ Jews, Arabs & Christians ~ living in the Land of Israel. These Reports are intended to keep people informed on the most critical current events, so that they can be informed, equipped to act, and also pray about the current events in Israel and the Middle East.  In the days that the Church are living in, David believes this is a vital part of the Church – to be active, informed, and being intercessors for the nation of Israel in these end days.


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