Yad Vashem – Children’s Memorial


Whilst working in Israel (November 2013) I visited the children’s memorial at Yad Vashem to remember the one and a half million children murdered in the Holocaust. A voice in the background recites the names, the ages and the places of origin of some of the children. Watch this in a darkened room. I filmed this on my visit.

When the lady speaks – count the names… At the 12th name she says: Baruch Soakell (originally spelt Sokel). When Dad was alive he always told us that our name had been changed. I discovered through much research that it is a Polish/Russian Jewish name spelt Sokel. I was shaken as I thought of the sheer horror that these young children would have faced as they confronted evil Nazi forces they hardly understood. A woman who stood nearby walked away, wiping the tears streaming down her eyes. I have cried more than my fair share but today I was simply shaking at hearing this name. Was this Soakell a family member?

Click here to watch – the name comes up at 3 minutes 10 seconds.  http://youtu.be/vtzH-vUY0xo


One Response to Yad Vashem – Children’s Memorial

  1. Poor innocent children. Its good there is a memorial to remember them by. Living in the free world I cannot imagine the anguish they must have felt. Many of them separated from their parents, no mum, no dad, alone. We must remember them. When I see their little faces I see my children and grandchildren’s faces. All children are precious jewels. Never forget. Always remember these dark times in History. Never again

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